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Surgical, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, Veterinary, Dental, Dermatology, Osteosynthesis, Gynecology, Scissors, ENT, Neurosurgery, Castration, Sets, Kits, Cardiovascular, Tracheotomy, Tonsillectomy, Laryngectomy, Thyroidectomy, Post Mortem, Amputation, Suture, Obstetrical, Laminectomy, Biopsy, Super-Cut, TC (Tungsten Carbide) Instruments, spinal, Grooming, Equine, Speculums, Sheep Shears, Emasculators, Dehorners, Tattoo Pliers, Nail trimmers, cutters, nippers, Dental Extracting forceps, Dental Elevators, Gum scissors, Syringes, Orthodontic Pliers, Impression trays, Rubber Dam clamps, Beaker Tongs, Wax Knives, Tuning Forks, Drill guides, Sleeves, Bone screws and plates, Screw drivers, IVD Ronguers, Wire & Pin cutters, Tongue Depressors, Re-usable instruments, Endoscopic shaft forceps

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Surgical Instruments

Bone Implants
Maniure Pedicure
Dental Instruments
Ear Nose Throat-ENT
Nail Hair Care
Needle Holders
Steel Hollow Ware

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page# description page# description page# description page# description page# description
a1 super-cut scissors b1 percussion hammers s001 abdominal retractors c1 scissors 1 diagnostic instruments
a2 super-cut scissors b2 tuning forks s002 abdominal retractors c2 scissors 2 diagnostic instruments
a3 super-cut scissors b3 miscellaneous s003 amalgam instruments c3 scissors 3 scalpel handles
a4 suture scissors b4 miscellaneous s004 amputation fingers c4 coronary scissors 4 scalpel handles
a5 operating scissors b5 suction tubes s005 anesthesia c5 delicate scissors 5 anesthesia instruments
a6 dissecting scissors b6 mouth gags s006 atraumatic tissue forceps c6 dissecting scissors 6 laryngoscope
a7 operating scissors b7 mouth gags s007 bandage scissors c7 dissecting scissors 7 laryngoscope
a8 suture scissors b8 sterilizer forceps s008 barber scissors c8 dissecting scissors 8 surgical scissors
a9 bandage scissors b9 sterilization instruments s009 biopsy specimen forceps c9 dissecting scissors 9 surgical scissors
a10 tungsten carbide scissors b10 sterilization instruments s010 bipolar coagulation c10 dissecting scissors 10 surgical scissors
a11 operating scissors b11 scissors s011 blade breakers, razor blades c11 episiotomy scissors 11 surgical scissors
a12 bandage / utility scissors b12 tubing clamps s012 bone chisels & gouges c12 iris scissors 12 rotating biopsy forceps
a13 operating scissors b13 knife handles s013 bone chisels & gouges c13 neurological scissors 13 dissecting scissors
a14 wire cutting scissors b14 knife handles s014 bone curettes c14 operating scissors 14 dissecting scissors
a15 hemostatic forceps b15 comedone extractor s015 bone curettes c15 operating scissors 15 post mortem scissors
a16 hemostatic forceps b16 retractors s016 bone curettes c16 suture scissors 16 tc surgical scissors
a17 tubing / utility forceps b17 eye retractors s017 bone curettes c17 suture scissors 17 tc surgical scissors
a18 towel / sponge forceps b18 operating scissors s018 bone cutting forceps c18 umbilical scissors 18 tc surgical scissors
a19 ear / nose instruments b19 operating scissors s019 bone drills c19 chisels 19 tc surgical scissors
a20 tc needle holders b20 operating scissors s020 bone hammers mallets c20 chisels 20 tc surgical scissors
a21 intestinal forceps b21 dissecting scissors s021 bone holding forceps c21 aorta clamps 21 bandage scissors
a22 hemostatic forceps b22 scissors s022 bone leavers c22 aorta clamps 22 bandage scissors
a23 tc needle holders b23 metzenbaum scissors s023 bone nailing  c23 aorta clamps 23 plaster shears
a24 scalpel handles b24 scissors s024 bone rongeurs c24 aorta clamps 24 obstetrical instruments
a25 dressing / splinter forceps b25 micro scissors s025 bone rongeurs c25 bronchus clamps 25 obstetrical instruments
a26 suture instruments b26 scissors s026 bone rongeurs c26 bulldog clamps 26 hemostatic forceps
a27 dressing / tissue forceps b27 dissecting scissors s027 bone surgery c27 bulldog clamps 27 hemostatic forceps
a28 dressing / tissue forceps b28 plastic surgery scissors s028 bone surgery c28 bulldog clamps 28 hemostatic forceps
a29 dressing / tissue forceps b29 iris / dissecting scissors s029 bone surgery c29 cardiovascular clamps 29 hemostatic forceps
a30 dressing / tissue forceps b30 iris scissors s030 bone surgery c30 castaneda kit 30 hemostatic forceps
a31 splinter forceps b31 iris scissors s031 bone surgery c31 coarctation clamps 31 obstetrical instruments
a32 dressing forceps b32 iris scissors s032 bone wire & instruments c32 coarctation clamps 32 obstetrical instruments
a33 tissue forceps b33 eye scissors & retractors s033 brain spatulas c33 coarctation clamps 33 dissecting forceps
a34 microsurgical instruments b34 scissors s034 brain suture c34 multipurpose clamps 34 dissecting forceps
a35 adson / russian forceps b35 scissors s035 cervical traction tongs c35 multipurpose clamps 35 dissecting forceps
a36 microsurgical instruments b36 scissors s036 chiropody nippers c36 clamps 36 sponge forceps
a37 tissue / splinter forceps b37 scissors s037 chisels & enamel cleavers c37 patent ductus clamps 37 towel clamps
a38 microsurgical instruments b38 suture & stitch scissors s038 clips & instruments  c38 vascular clamps 38 towel clamps
a39 suction tubes b39 scissors s039 cotton & dressing tweezers c39 tangential clamps 39 instruments racks
a40 microsurgical instruments b40 scissors s040 cotton applicators c40 clamps tip detail 40 sterilizing forceps
a41 microsurgical instruments b41 pencil-type micro scissors s041 cuticle & dissecting scissors c41 clamps tip detail 41 tubing clamps
a42 skin hooks b42 micro scissors s042 cuticle nippers c42 clamps tip detail 42 needle holders
a43 finger retractors b43 micro scissors s043 dam punch & clamp forceps c43 clamps tip detail 43 needle holders
a44 finger retractors b44 stevens tenotomy scissors s044 dermatology c44 clamps tip detail 44 needle holders
a45 finger retractors b45 scissors s045 diagnostics c45 clamps tip detail 45 needle holders
a46 retractors b46 corneal scissors s046 different containers c46 clamps tip detail 46 obstetrical instruments
a47 retractors b47 capsolotomy scissors s047 dissecting scissors c47 clamps tip detail 47 tc needle holders
a48 retractors b48 nail scissors s048 dressing & tissue forceps c48 clamps tip detail 48 tc needle holders
a49 retractors b49 bandage scissors s049 dressing forceps c49 clamps tip detail 49 tc needle holders
a50 retractors b50 bandage scissors s050 dressing forceps c50 clamps tip detail 50 tc needle holders
a51 retractors b51 plaster shears s051 dressing scissors c51 clamps tip detail 51 tc needle holders
a52 retractors b52 tc scissors s052 ear forceps c52 clamps tip detail 52 suture sundries
a53 shoulder retractors b53 tc scissors s053 elevators c53 clamps tip detail 53 suture sundries
a54 shoulder retractors b54 tc scissors s054 extension bows c54 tubing clamps 54 stitch scissors
a55 shoulder / knee retractors b55 tc scissors s055 extracting forceps c55 vascular clamps 55 stitch scissors
a56 knee retractors b56 super-cut scissors s056 extracting forceps c56 vascular clamps 56 dressing forceps
a57 hohmann retractors b57 super-cut scissors s057 extracting forceps c57 vascular clamps 57 tissue forceps
a58 hohmann retractors b58 super-cut & tc scissors s058 extracting forceps c58 vascular clamps 58 tissue forceps
a59 hohmann retractors b59 dressing forceps s059 extracting forceps c59 vascular clamps 59 dressing & tissue forceps
a60 hohmann retractors b60 tissue forceps s060 extracting forceps c60 anterior cervical kit 60 gynecology forceps
a61 vickers retractors b61 iris forceps s061 extracting forceps c61 forceps 61 dressing & tissue forceps
a62 self-retaining retractors b62 dressing & tissue forceps s062 extracting forceps c62 bipolar forceps 62 dressing & tissue forceps
a63 self-retaining retractors b63 tc needle holder s063 extracting forceps c63 clip applying forceps 63 splinter forceps
a64 self-retaining retractors b64 dressing forceps s064 extracting forceps c64 cup forceps 64 cilia forceps
a65 self-retaining retractors b65 tissue forceps s065 gall bladder c65 gallbladder forceps 65 dermal instruments
a66 self-retaining retractors b66 dressing & tissue forceps s066 general surgery c66 gallbladder forceps 66 dermal instruments
a67 self-retaining retractors b67 dressing & tissue forceps s067 goitre c67 hemostatic forceps 67 dermal instruments
a68 self-retaining retractors b68 tissue forceps s068 gum guillotine forceps c68 hemostatic forceps 68 dermal instruments
a69 self-retaining retractors b69 iris tissue forceps s069 gum scissors c69 hemostatic forceps 69 suction tubes
a70 self-retaining retractors b70 iris tissue forceps s070 cement spatulas c70 hemostatic forceps 70 suction tubes
a71 self-retaining retractors b71 micro tissue forceps s071 gynaecological scissors c71 hemostatic forceps 71 suction tubes
a72 elevators b72 eye speculums s072 gynecology c72 hemostatic forceps 72 trocars, biopsy needles
a73 elevators / probes b73 iris tissue forceps s073 gynecology c73 hemostatic forceps 73 retractors
a74 elevators b74 cilia forceps s074 gynecology c74 hysterectomy forceps 74 retractors
a75 elevators b75 splinter / dressing forceps s075 gynecology c75 hysterectomy forceps 75 retractors
a76 elevators / raspatories b76 atraumatic tissue forceps s076 gynecology c76 hysterectomy forceps 76 retractors
a77 elevators b77 splinter forceps s077 gynecology c77 intestinal forceps 77 retractors
a78 elevators b78 splinter forceps s078 hemostatic forceps c78 intestinal forceps 78 retractors
a79 elevators b79 jewlers forceps s079 hemostatic forceps c79 intestinal forceps 79 retractors
a80 elevators b80 iris scissors s080 hemostatic forceps c80 kidney forceps 80 retractors
a81 elevators b81 dressing forceps s081 hemostatic forceps c81 ligature forceps 81 pelvic retractors
a82 elevators b82 mosquito forceps s082 hemostatic forceps c82 micro forceps 82 retractors
a83 elevators b83 mosquito forceps s083 hemostatic forceps c83 forceps 83 retractors
a84 elevators b84 mosquito forceps s084 hemostatic forceps c84 splinter forceps 84 retractors
a85 elevators b85 hemostatic forceps s085 hf surgery c85 sponge forceps 85 self-retaining retractors
a86 bone awl b86 hemostatic forceps s086 holding forceps c86 micro forceps 86 self-retaining retractors
a87 bone awl b87 hemostatic forceps s087 hollow ware c87 suture forceps 87 self-retaining retractors
a88 bone hooks b88 hemostatic forceps s088 hollow ware c88 thoracic forceps 88 self-retaining retractors
a89 cable cutter / pliers b89 heaney forceps s089 hygine c89 thoracic forceps 89 self-retaining retractors
a90 bone holding instruments b90 mixter forceps s090 injection syringes & needles c90 thoracic forceps 90 self-retaining retractors
a91 bone holding instruments b91 forceps s091 instruments & stomach c91 thoracic forceps 91 probes & directors
a92 bone holding instruments b92 forceps s092 instruments & stomach c92 tissue forceps 92 vein strippers
a93 bone holding instruments b93 forceps s093 iris forceps c93 tissue forceps 93 intestinal forceps
a94 bone holding instruments b94 hemostatic forceps s094 kidney c94 tissue forceps 94 intestinal forceps
a95 bone holding instruments b95 hemostatic forceps s095 laminectomy c95 tube holding forceps 95 intestinal forceps
a96 bone holding instruments b96 intestinal forceps s096 laminectomy c96 uterine biopsy forceps 96 intestinal forceps
a97 bone holding instruments b97 intestinal forceps s097 larynx c97 uterine biopsy forceps 97 intestinal forceps
a98 bone holding instruments b98 rumel forceps s098 ligature condutors c98 vulsellum forceps 98 stomach clamps
a99 bone holding instruments b99 forceps s099 ligature needle c99 skin hooks 99 gall bladder scoops
a100 bone holding instruments b100 bulldog clamps s100 lungs c100 needle holders 100 gall bladder dilators
a101 bone holding instruments b101 towel clamps & scissors s101 mallets c101 needle holders 101 gall bladder forceps
a102 bone holding instruments b102 sponge forceps s102 manicure implements c102 needle holders 102 thyroid instruments
a103 bone holding instruments b103 sponge forceps s103 micro scissors c103 needle holders 103 cardiovascular forceps
a104 bone holding instruments b104 needle holders s104 microsurgery forceps c104 needle holders 104 cardiovascular forceps
a105 bone holding instruments b105 needle holders s105 mouth c105 needle holders 105 cardiovascular forceps
a106 bone holding instruments b106 needle holders s106 mouth & tongue c106 needle holders 106 cardiovascular forceps
a107 bone holding instruments b107 needle holders s107 mouth & tongue c107 needle holders 107 cardiovascular forceps
a108 tendon instruments b108 needle holders s108 nail nippers c108 needle holders 108 atraumatic forceps
a109 tendon instruments b109 needle holders s109 needle holders c109 needle holders 109 atraumatic forceps
a110 cartilage instruments b110 needle holders s110 needle holders c110 punches 110 atraumatic forceps
a111 cartilage instruments b111 micro needle holders s111 needle holders c111 cervical ronguers 111 atraumatic forceps
a112 bone curettes b112 needle holders s112 nerve instruments c112 ivd ronguers 112 atraumatic forceps
a113 bone curettes b113 needle holders s113 nerve retractors c113 ivd ronguers 113 atraumatic forceps
a114 bone curettes b114 tc needle holder s114 neurosurgery c114 ivd ronguers 114 surgeons needles
a115 bone curettes b115 tc needle holder s115 obstetrics c115 ivd ronguers 115 surgeons needles
a116 endoscopic bone curettes b116 tc needle holder s116 obstetrics c116 ivd ronguers 116 surgeons needles
a117 endoscopic bone curettes b117 tc needle holder s117 operating scissors c117 ivd ronguers 117 surgeons needles
a118 osteotome / chisel / gouge b118 tc needle holder s118 operating scissors c118 laminectomy ronguer 118 surgeons needles
a119 osteotome / chisel / gouge b119 tc needle holder s119 operating scissors c119 laminectomy ronguer 119 thoracic instruments
a120 osteotome / chisel / gouge b120 tc needle holder s120 operating scissors c120 laminectomy ronguer 120 thoracic instruments
a121 osteotome / chisel / gouge b121 tc needle holder s121 operating scissors c121 detachable ronguers 121 thoracic instruments
a122 osteotome / chisel / gouge b122 surgeons needles s122 operating scissors c122 tenotomy scissors 122 thoracic instruments
a123 osteotome / chisel / gouge b123 surgeons needles s123 ophthal nasal c123 lamina spreader 123 thoracic instruments
a124 osteotome / chisel / gouge b124 surgeons needles s124 ophthalmology c124 bipolar forceps 124 thoracic instruments
a125 osteotome / chisel / gouge b125 surgeons needles s125 ophthalmology c125 bipolar forceps 125 orthopedic instruments
a126 osteotome / chisel / gouge b126 miscellaneous s126 ophthalmology c126 bipolar forceps 126 orthopedic instruments
a127 osteotome / chisel / gouge b127 suture & stitch scissors s127 ophthalmology c127 bipolar forceps 127 orthopedic instruments
a128 osteotome / chisel / gouge b128 dissecting scissors s128 ophthalmology c128 bipolar forceps 128 orthopedic instruments
a129 mallets b129 wire cutting scissors s129 ophthalmology c129 bipolar forceps 129 orthopedic instruments
a130 mallets b130 miscellaneous s130 ophthalmology c130 bipolar forceps 130 orthopedic instruments
a131 mallets b131 miscellaneous s131 ophthalmology c131 dressing forceps 131 orthopedic instruments
a132 mallets b132 probes & directors s132 ophthalmology c132 dressing forceps 132 orthopedic instruments
a133 mallets / tamps b133 eye probe s133 opthalmic scissors c133 dressing forceps 133 orthopedic instruments
a134 tamps b134 eye probe s134 osteosynthesis c134 dressing forceps 134 orthopedic instruments
a135 bone files / rasps b135 suction tubes s135 osteosynthesis c135 eye forceps 135 orthopedic instruments
a136 bone files / rasps b136 suction tubes s136 osteosynthesis instruments c136 jewelers forceps 136 orthopedic instruments
a137 bone files / rasps b137 suction tubes s137 otology c137 bayonet micro forceps 137 orthopedic instruments
a138 bone files / rasps b138 retractors s138 otology c138 tissue forceps 138 orthopedic instruments
a139 bone cutting forceps b139 retractors s139 otology c139 tissue forceps 139 orthopedic instruments
a140 bone cutting forceps b140 retractors s140 percussion hammers c140 tissue forceps 140 lead hands
a141 bone cutting forceps b141 retractors s141 periodontia c141 tissue forceps 141 wire twisters
a142 bone cutting forceps b142 retractors s142 periosteal elevators c142 tissue forceps 142 wire cutters
a143 trephines b143 retractors s143 periosteal elevators c143 tissue forceps 143 pliers, cutters
a144 ronguers b144 retractors s144 periosteal elevators c144 tissue forceps 144 pin and rod cutters
a145 ronguers b145 retractors s145 plaster-of-paris c145 vascular forceps 145 laminectomy ronguers
a146 ronguers b146 retractors s146 modeling carvers c146 knives 146 laminectomy ronguers
a147 ronguers b147 retractors s147 probes & explorers c147 micro needle holder 147 laminectomy ronguers
a148 ronguers b148 retractors s148 probes directors c148 micro needle holder 148 laminectomy ronguers
a149 ronguers b149 retractors s149 rectum c149 micro needle holder 149 neuro instruments
a150 ronguers b150 retractors s150 retractors c150 bone ronguers 150 neuro instruments
a151 ronguers b151 retractors s151 retractors c151 bone ronguers 151 neuro instruments
a152 ronguers b152 retractors s152 retractors c152 bone ronguers 152 neuro instruments
a153 ronguers b153 retractors s153 retractors c153 bone ronguers 153 gynecology forceps
a154 bone saws b154 retractors s154 retractors c154 bone ronguers 154 neuro instruments
a155 bone saws / knives b155 retractors s155 retractors c155 bone ronguers 155 neuro instruments
a156 spinal ronguers / punch b156 retractors s156 retractors c156 bone ronguers 156 eye instruments
a157 spinal ronguers / punch b157 retractors s157 rhinology c157 micro scissors 157 eye instruments
a158 spinal ronguers / punch b158 retractors s158 rhinology c158 micro scissors 158 eye instruments
a159 spinal ivd ronguers b159 retractors s159 rhinology c159 micro scissors 159 eye instruments
a160 spinal ivd ronguers b160 retractors s160 rhinology c160 micro scissors 160 eye instruments
a161 spinal ivd ronguers b161 retractors s161 rhinology c161 vascular instruments kit 161 eye instruments
a162 spinal punches b162 retractors s162 rhinology c162 curettes 162 eye instruments
a163 spinal punches b163 retractors s163 rhinology c163 curettes 163 eye instruments
a164 spinal punches b164 retractors s164 rhinology c164 curettes 164 eye instruments
a165 spinal punches b165 retractors s165 rib shears c165 curettes 165 eye instruments
a166 spinal punches b166 retractors s166 rib spreaders c166 curettes 166 eye instruments
a167 spinal ronguers / punch b167 retractors s167 root elevators c167 dilators 167 eye instruments
a168 plaster cast instruments b168 retractors s168 root elevators c168 dilators 168 eye instruments
a169 plaster cast instruments b169 hooks s169 scalars c169 dilators 169 eye instruments
a170 plaster cast instruments b170 hooks s170 scalpels handles c170 osseous dissection kit 170 ear instruments
a171 measuring devices b171 hooks s171 sequester forceps c171 dissector 171 ear instruments
a172 measuring devices b172 hooks s172 splinter forceps c172 dissector 172 ear instruments
a173 measuring devices b173 hooks s173 splinter forceps c173 dissector 173 ear instruments
a174 nail instruments b174 retractors s174 sterilizing aids c174 dissector 174 ear instruments
a175 nail instruments b175 retractors s175 stethoscopes c175 dissector 175 ear instruments
a176 miscellaneous b176 forceps s176 suturing instruments c176 dissector 176 gynecology curettes
a177 miscellaneous b177 forceps s177 thorax c177 drills / burrs / guides 177 applicators
a178 wire / pin drivers / bender b178 trocars s178 thorax c178 driver graft 178 nasal instruments
a179 wire benders b179 dilators s179 thumb & tissue forceps c179 elevators 179 nasal instruments
a180 hand drills b180 scoops s180 thumb & tissue forceps c180 elevators 180 nasal instruments
a181 hand drills b181 forceps s181 toe nail scissors c181 elevators 181 nasal instruments
a182 hand drills b182 forceps s182 tonsils c182 elevators 182 rhinoplastic instruments
a183 hand drills b183 forceps s183 towel clamps c183 elevators 183 rhinoplastic instruments
a184 hand drills b184 forceps s184 tracheotomy c184 elevators 184 rhinoplastic instruments
a185 wire / pin cutters b185 forceps s185 trocars puncture needles c185 obstetrical forceps 185 tonsil instruments
a186 wire / pin cutters b186 intestinal forceps s186 tubing clamps c186 obstetrical forceps 186 tonsil instruments
a187 wire / pin cutters b187 intestinal forceps s187 tuning forks c187 gauge, gouges 187 tonsil instruments
a188 wire / pin cutters b188 forceps s188 tweezers c188 gouges 188 tonsil instruments
a189 wire / pin cutters b189 intestinal forceps s189 urology c189 dural hooks 189 tonsil instruments
a190 pin / rod cutters b190 intestinal forceps s190 uterine dilators c190 hooks, impactors 190 tonsil instruments
a191 pin / rod cutters b191 intestinal forceps s191 vascular scissors c191 hooks 191 tonsil instruments
a192 rod cutters b192 pylorus forceps s192 vertebral column c192 nerve hooks 192 tonsil instruments
a193 cable cutter b193 micro scissors s193 windom teeth forceps c193 nerve hooks 193 tracheal instruments
a194 plate cutter / pliers b194 micro scissors s194 wire & bar bending pliers c194 nerve hooks 194 tracheal instruments
a195 pliers b195 eye speculums e1 tying forceps c195 spondylophyte impactor 195 tracheal instruments
a196 pliers b196 suturing forceps e2 toothed forceps c196 spondylophyte impactor 196 rectal instruments
a197 pliers b197 ear forceps e3 suturing forceps c197 micro knives 197 rectal instruments
a198 pliers b198 micro needle holders e4 corneal forceps c198 knife, handles 198 rectal instruments
a199 locking pliers b199 micro forceps e5 capsulorhexis forceps c199 mallets, gouges 199 rectal instruments
a200 locking pliers b200 bulldog clamps e6 lens forceps c200 neuro needles 200 rectal instruments
a201 locking pliers b201 eye speculums e7 implantation forceps c201 neuro needles 201 urological instruments
a202 wire tighteners / twisters b202 retractors e8 lens forceps c202 osteotomes 202 urological instruments
a203 wire tighteners b203 tonometer e9 forceps c203 osteotomes 203 urological instruments
a204 wire tighteners b204 ear knife e10 needle holders c204 osteotomes 204 urological instruments
a205 wire guides / tractors b205 ear knife e11 needle holders c205 rack, holders 205 gynecology instruments
a206 drill bits b206 foreign body loops e12 corneal scissors c206 rack, holders 206 gynecology instruments
a207 countersinks b207 needle & hooks e13 iris scissors c207 nerve root retractors 207 gynecology instruments
a208 taps b208 loops & hooks e14 vannas scissors c208 saw, handles, guide 208 gynecology instruments
a209 depth gauges & handles b209 curettes e15 lens manipulating hooks c209 saw, handles, guide 209 gynecology instruments
a210 double drill sleeves b210 spatulas e16 lens manipulating hooks c210 scoops, separators 210 gynecology instruments
a211 drill guides / sleeves b211 caliper e17 hooks c211 rib shears 211 gynecology instruments
a212 drill guides / sleeves b212 dilators e18 phaco chopper c212 passers 212 gynecology instruments
a213 drill guides b213 eye dressing forceps e19 phaco chopper c213 snares, suction tubes 213 gynecology instruments
a214 screw drivers b214 iris tissue forceps e20 speculums c214 nasal specula 214 gynecology instruments
a215 screw drivers b215 iris tissue forceps e21 miscellaneous c215 vaginal specula 215 gynecology instruments
a216 screw drivers b216 suturing forceps e22 speculums c216 vaginal specula 216 gynecology instruments
a217 screw drivers b217 fixation forceps e23 wire speculums c217 vertebra spreaders 217 gynecology instruments
a218 screwdriver set b218 fixation forceps e24 wire speculums c218 strippers, tourniquets 218 gynecology instruments
a219 instruments b219 suturing forceps e25 wire speculums c219 suction retractors 219 gynecology instruments
a220 instruments b220 suturing forceps e26 wire speculums c220 suction tubes 220 gynecology instruments
a221 bending templates b221 cilia forceps e27 eye speculums c221 suction tubes 221 gynecology instruments
a222 bending templates b222 cilia forceps e28 retractors c222 suction tubes 786-5 universal, otoscope
a223 instruments b223 chalazion forceps e29 fixation ring c223 transoral instruments 786-6 stethoscope
a224 plate bending instruments b224 chalazion forceps e30 retractors c224 transoral instruments 786-7 stethoscope
a225 plate bending instruments b225 iris scissors e31 colibri forceps c225 cervical retractor set 786-8 percussion hammer
a226 plate cutting instruments b226 iris scissors e32 corneal fixation forceps c226 transsphenoidal hardy 786-9 laryngoscope
a227 rod bending instruments b227 stabismus scissors e33 fixation forceps c227 transsphenoidal hardy 786-10 trocars
a228 rod bending instruments b228 tenotomy scissors e34 capsule forceps c228 tunnelers 786-11 suction tubes
a229 nail splitters b229 iris scissors e35 capsule forceps c229 bone waxer, vice grip 786-12 scalpels & handles
a230 nail splitter / tissue nipper b230 corneal scissors e36 lens holding forceps c230 retractors 786-13 scalpels
a231 nail nippers b231 corneal scissors e37 tying forceps c231 abdominal retractors 786-14 scalpels
a232 nail nippers b232 capsulotomy scissors e38 tying forceps c232 abdominal retractors 786-15 amputation knives
a233 nail instruments b233 suture & stitch scissors e39 suturing forceps c233 abdominal retractors 786-16 dissecting kits
a234 hand instruments b234 needle holder e40 cilia forceps c234 abdominal retractors 786-17 operating scissors
a235 hand instruments b235 needle holder e41 chalazion forceps c235 abdominal retractors 786-18 operating scissors
a236 hand instruments b236 tc needle holder e42 cataract knives c236 abdominal retractors 786-19 ligature scissors
a237 single / double-ended item b237 bulldog clamps e43 blade breaker & holder c237 abdominal retractors 786-20 ligature scissors
a238 rod holders / benders b238 trephine & lacrimal chisel e44 corneal trephines c238 abdominal retractors 786-21 uterine scissors
a239 spinal ivd ronguers b239 ear specula e45 curettes, spatulas c239 abdominal retractors 786-22 eye scissors
a240 spinal ivd ronguers b240 ear specula e46 iris hooks c240 abdominal retractors 786-23 dressing forceps
a241 spinal ivd ronguers b241 vein stripper set e47 iris hooks c241 atrial retractors 786-24 dressing forceps
a242 spinal ivd ronguers b242 applicator e48 manipulating hooks c242 bookwalter retractor 786-25 tissue forceps
a243 spinal ivd ronguers b243 ear curettes e49 manipulating hooks c243 bookwalter retractor 786-26 ligature clamp
a244 spinal ivd ronguers b244 ear forceps e50 lens loops c244 bookwalter retractor 786-27 hemostatic forceps
a245 spinal ivd ronguers b245 ear forceps e51 lens spectulas c245 bookwalter retractor 786-28 hemostatic forceps
a246 spinal ivd ronguers b246 ear forceps e52 tenotomy hooks c246 bookwalter retractor 786-29 hemostatic forceps
a247 spinal ivd ronguers b247 ear knife e53 muscle hooks c247 bookwalter retractor 786-30 hemostatic forceps
a248 spinal punches b248 suction tubes e54 marker c248 bookwalter retractor 786-31 hemostatic forceps
a249 spinal punches b249 retractors e55 caliper c249 bookwalter retractor 786-32 hemostatic forceps
a250 spinal punches b250 chisel & gouges e56 strabismus scissors c250 bookwalter retractor 786-33 hemostatic forceps
a251 spinal punches b251 ronguers & mallets e57 corneal scissors c251 bookwalter retractor 786-34 hemostatic forceps
a252 spinal punches b252 bone ronguers e58 corneoscleral scissors c252 bookwalter retractor 786-35 hemostatic forceps
a253 spinal punches b253 elevator & curettes e59 capsulotomy scissors c253 bookwalter retractor 786-36 hemostatic forceps
a254 spinal punches b254 ear forceps e60 capsulotomy scissors c254 bookwalter retractor 786-37 hemostatic forceps
a255 spinal punches b255 nasal speculums e61 cannula c255 bookwalter retractor 786-38 towel clamps
a256 spinal punches b256 septum speculums e62 cannula c256 bookwalter retractor 786-39 dressing forceps
a257 wire / pin cutters b257 applicator e63